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Virtual Round Tables

(aka Bulletin Board Focus Groups) “Needle in a haystack” respondent? No worries. We are experts in online group execution.

Qualitative Bridge Groups

Bridge Groups

Ever wish a doctor could see what patients have to say about your product?  So did we. Our innovative Bridge Groups are two groups in one… your customers first watch their constituents. Then, we do a group among your customers.

Qualitative Mobile Immersion

Mobile Immersion

We put consumers in a van and take them to shop your stores! Then, do a “mobile” focus group on the way to the next store.

Qualitative Concept Optimizer

Concept Optimizer

This is why our clients are so loyal to The Link Group—an Iterative concept development on steroids! Your entire team views interviews, then is facilitated through an optimization session… rinse and repeat until we’ve nailed the concept.

Qualitative Reel Life

Reel Life

Nothing is more powerful than these autobiographical documentaries. Consumers share their innermost thoughts and feelings in their own homes on video cameras. We watch them later… sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry.

Qualitative Reel Life

Linked Groups

Research anywhere! Traveling to research is costly and time consuming. We bring the groups to you with our Linked Groups. Our moderators are experts in web-based qualitative interviewing.

Qualitative Research Anywhere

Online Journals

Diaries have been around forever. So, we added an interactive twist to get respondents thinking… 

Qualitative 720 degree

720 Degrees

(Understanding the Whole Person) An innovative process to help you think of your customer as a whole person living in an environment vs. in the “silo” of a given category or disease state.

Qualitative Blog Chat


The term “secondary research” takes on a whole new meaning with our social network research. Our social networking experts find the learning and distill it so that it is truly actionable for your team.

Qualitative Secret Garden

Secret Garden

An anonymous postcard oriented technique. It allows your customers to share their joys, fears, frustrations and triumphs to a sympathetic ear.


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From the tried and true to the innovative—we are experts in gleaning insights from qualitative execution.

The Link Group has over 25 in-house RIVA-trained moderators—more than any other firm. And we pride ourselves on creative, effective methods that get the answers our clients need. Whether you need moderators for studying diabetes or motor oil, we've got one for you.   

Did we say worldwide?  Well, okay, we haven’t hit all seven continents yet. (Who’s up for Antarctica?)

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